What We Do

Residential brokerage. Mixed-use development consulting. TreeHouse Developments.

Passionately perfecting our craft.

You can count on TreeHouse to serve you with the highest levels of quality, integrity, and personalized customer service. Whether we are working as your brokers or consulting on your developments, we are committed to being the best possible resource for all of our clients.


Brokerage services forbuyers

Balancing speed, patience, persistence, and assertiveness to help you navigate a competitive marketplace and get the deal done

Crafting deals to help you avoid pitfalls and maximize the long-term value of your investments

Giving you the advantage you need to be competitive and get the right properties at the right price

Brokerage services forsellers

Helping you capitalize on Denver’s fast-paced, in-demand market

Providing the marketing and transactional skills needed to help you meet or exceed your goals

Leveraging our experience and market insight to help you get the most money for your home or development

Making the selling process as pleasant, seamless, and hassle-free as possible

Development consulting fordevelopers, investors & owners

Delivering the full benefit of TreeHouse’s first- and second-hand development experience in the Denver Metro

Helping you understand and weigh all relevant factors as you evaluate and pursue prospects

Helping you vision, plan, and build your project so that it is beautiful and profitable for years to come

Helping you vision, plan, and build your project so that it is beautiful and profitable for years to come


Finding and securing urban infill properties that offer an optimal balance of beauty, location, and access to amenities

Planning and building unique, sustainability- and design-forward residential developments that get noticed — and stay in demand

Teaming with innovative architects, designers, and builders to create developments that complement, respect, and celebrate Denver’s neighborhoods

See the results for yourself.