Clem Rinehart


Managing Broker & Owner

Since 2005, I have been proud to be a part of the Denver real estate community and the growth of our city. Having moved here from New York City, I have always focused on the urban Denver market, as that is where I felt I could add the most value for my clients.

The real estate environment in Denver has changed a lot in recent years, but our steadfast commitment to our clients has not. Over time, I have carefully surrounded myself with like-minded broker associates interested in perfecting their craft, who also share a passion for urban Denver neighborhoods. At TreeHouse, we always put the client first – our clients are our extended family.

Our strong client-service approach to selling high-end real estate sets us apart from the sea of brokers in the Denver market. This is the reason the majority of our clients are repeat customers. We operate a business where people come first, as residential real estate is all about people and their most important asset, their home. We also place a large emphasis on the most important skill set any broker must have: transactional know-how. Buyers and sellers in this fast-paced market rely on their broker to skillfully conduct the transaction on their behalf to ensure the best outcome. This attribute comes from solid coaching grounded in experience gained through years in the business. At TreeHouse, we work as a team to give all our clients a leg up in this dynamic, highly competitive market. Things happen quickly, and we take pride in being ready to spring into action for the benefit of our buyers and sellers at any moment.